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Food labelling regulations are complex. ACCC, FSC, CoO, W&M, HSR - we unpack it all in one easy to follow course. The course covers all the 2021 Plain English Allergen Labelling and Health Star Ratings changes.

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Keiran Thomson

I thought this course was very well put together and dealt with a large amount of information in a meaningful way. The videos are put together in lengths th...

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I thought this course was very well put together and dealt with a large amount of information in a meaningful way. The videos are put together in lengths that are digestible and it is easy to work out the best times to take breaks. The quiz covers a good cross section of the material and was, for the most part, easy to follow and understand. Overall, I thought this course was very good and I would recommend it to anyone that is looking to upskill on Food Labelling.

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Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to the QATraining Food Labelling course!

    2. Disclaimer - Food Labelling Legislation is continuously being updated. To ensure that you use up to date information, please access the relevant regulatory texts directly when working with labels.

    3. Food Labelling Exercise Download

    1. Food Labelling Introduction

    2. Australian Labelling Legislation

    3. Food Standards Code Requirements 1 - General and Characterising Ingredients

    4. Food Standards Code Requirements 2 - Ingredients and NIP

    5. Food Standards Code Requirements 3 - Warning Statements and Mandatory Declarations

    6. Food Standards Code Requirements 4 - Consumer Instructions and Claims

    7. Country of Origin Labelling

    8. Weights and Measurement Requirements

    9. Health Star Ratings & Australian Recycling Logo

    1. Food Labelling Exercise Answers

    2. Course Assessment

    3. Download Your Certificate!

About this course

  • $490.00
  • 15 lessons
  • 4 hours of video content


CEO & Head Trainer/ Consultant Dr Andreas Klieber

Andreas’ journey began with a BSc (Hons 1) and PhD in Food Science and Technology. His initial career was spent with Agriculture Canada/University of British Columbia, and Universities of Queensland and Adelaide in food science and horticulture. He gained significant experience in retail technical and quality management by working in the UK for 3 years with innovation-leading retailer Marks & Spencer and then for 7 years with a leading Australian supermarket. He recently served as a non-executive director for the AIFST (Australian Institution of Food Science and Technology) for a three year period. Andreas' strong technical foundation and commercial experience has led to the well-rounded service offering from Quality Associates. “I am passionate about delivering better quality and sustainable products to consumers and helping manufacturers protect and build their competitive advantage.”

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